Red Grouse

The grouse shooting season opens on August 12 and closes December 10. This particular sport is popular because grouse fly fast and provide a real challenge. Grouse are mostly found in heather moorland, which makes shooting grouse even trickier because the birds aren’t so easy to spot.

The sport is regularly under fire by those that oppose it, from attempts to licence grouse moors to accusations of illegally killing birds of prey. However, a GWCT study estimated that shooting grouse could support over 1,000 jobs and contribute £23.3million to Scottish GDP.

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Butt used in grouse shoots

Must-know tips for the Glorious Twelfth

Key advice for grouse shooters this season   Check the paperwork. Double check your shotgun licence does not need to be renewed and you have the insurance necessary for a driven shoot. There is nothing worse than booking yourself onto a shoot and realising your third party insurance has expired…

Conservation on grouse moors

Police donation to BASC funds school trips on grouse moors

North Yorkshire Police has donated £3,000 to BASC, which will be used to enable hundreds of primary school children to experience first-hand the work done on conservation on grouse moors and 
to meet the people who do it. The grant came from the Police Property Fund, which turns unreturnable stolen…

on grouse moor

How the grouse debate was won

More than two years of hard campaigning by those who wanted to see driven grouse shooting banned has ended in complete failure. Securing parliamentary time for their issue was more than the anti-shooting campaigners dared hope for when they launched their latest petition to ban driven grouse shooting, and their excitement was palpable. The activists’ hopes were dashed however when what seemed…

Butt used in grouse shoots

Why restrictions on grouse shooting would reduce rural tourism

It will come as no surprise that the inquiry and debate into driven grouse shooting, which was triggered by the online petition on Parliament’s website calling for the sport to be banned, has been at the forefront of the Countryside Alliance’s activities over the past couple of months. However, we have also seen further “attacks” on shooting…

Houses of Parliament

MPs give overwhelming support to grouse shooting

The debate was never going to result in legislation but did represent an important opportunity to get some facts concerning moorland management into Hansard, the Parliamentary record. A large number of MPs attended and over 20 made contributions – which meant that speeches had to be restricted to seven minutes…

Red grouse

Highlights from yesterday’s Parliamentary grouse shooting debate

1/2 IN CONCLUSION: #GrouseShooting debate – @theresecoffey “Gov has no intention of banning DGS…” — Shooting Times (@ShootingTimes) October 31, 2016 2/2 IN CONCLUSION: #GrouseShooting debate – @theresecoffey “But every intention of bringing to justice those who break the law” — Shooting Times (@ShootingTimes) October 31, 2016 Stunning work @CAupdates…

grouse moor

Protecting grouse moors

With around 75 per cent of the world’s heather moorland located in the UK, tied with the fact that heather moorland habitat is in a more critical condition than the rainforests, it is clear that conservation and positive management of the moors to maintain this diverse habitat is vital for its survival. Continuing the overwhelming efforts of the previous generations…

Red grouse

SIGN the petition to keep grouse moors and grouse shooting

  Grouse shooting is under threat. And we need YOU to sign the petition to protect grouse shooting and grouse moors. The petition to ban grouse shooting is to be debated in Parliament on 31 October. To aid our side of the debate please SIGN the petition to protect grouse moors…

Grouse counts

Grouse counts with cocker and springer spaniels

There I was stretched out on a sun-kissed beach drinking cold rum and cokes when all of a sudden I could hear a high pitched shrieking – it was my alarm. As I slowly opened my eyes I realised it was 4.30am and I was “back up north” to help out on a couple of days’ grouse counting.…

walked-up grouse shooting

Fancy an affordable way of grouse shooting?

It always amazes me how quickly the season comes around, but here we go again — and if you are about to head north, I am sure the excitement is building. Grouse shooting, especially early-season driven grouse, is an expensive form of shooting. However, if you are keen to try shooting this amazing wild bird, then walked-up grouse…

grouse shooting

Rain and snow could mean a late start for some this grouse season

Bad weather has once again led to mixed prospects for the start of the upcoming grouse season, according to gamekeepers and sporting agents across England and Scotland. A prolonged period of wet weather, combined with very late snowfall, has led to reduced brood sizes in some areas and some cancelled days. However, keepers are confident that good sport will…

Grouse counts

Grouse counts now underway

Moorland estates across Scotland are gearing up for the start of the shooting season and are carrying out counts to gain an accurate measure for the season ahead. Given the long winter and wet summer months breeding conditions have been less favourable on many estates. However, thanks to perseverance and…

dogs and pickers up on grouse moor

The pleasure of working dogs on a grouse moor

For most of us the shooting season is still months away. If, however, you are fortunate enough to work your dogs on the grouse moors, there’s just three weeks or so to go before the start, assuming that grouse stocks are robust enough for shooting to begin on 12 August. However, since the introduction of medicated grit, grouse populations no longer…

count grouse

How should we do a grouse count on our moorland?

Our small syndicate has taken on a nice bit of moorland in the Grampian region this year and we have been keeping vermin under control. We would like to have one or two days this summer, but we don't want to overshoot our stock. How should we go about doing…