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GCT course to open the debate on red grouse in Wales

It is hoped the event will lead to the establishment of a programme to initiate the recovery of the bird.

The red grouse population has declined in Wales over the past two decades, and the GCT will be inviting parties who have an interest in its recovery, such as moorland owners, game managers and conservationists, to attend.

Ian Lindsay, director of education at the GCT, said: “We have seen dramatic declines in the Welsh red grouse population over the past 20 years and this in turn is having a direct impact on other important moorland species that we know benefit from grouse moor management.

“The main causes are a rise in generalist predators, disease, restrictions on habitat management, overgrazing and loss of heather.”

There are currently thought to be 250,000 pairs of red grouse in the UK, and whilst Wales once supported a strong population, numbers are now very low.

The course will cover a number of subjects including talks and practical demonstrations on disease, predation and habitat management

For more information about the event, which takes place at The Tower, Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, near Chirk, contact 01425 651013 or email [email protected]