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Grouse shooting: a vital local industry

The benefits grouse shooting has on the immediate locality surrounding a moor have been quanitified in a new survey conducted on the Northumberland/Durham borders earlier in the summer by the Countryside Alliance.

The residents of the parishes of Blanchland and Hunstanworth, which are in close
proximity to well-known grouse moors such as Allenheads and Stanhope moors, were asked a series of questions on the impact of the grouse shooting on both
their own lives and the local area.

Nearly half of the households responded to the survey, whether by filling in a questionnaire or in the form of a direct interview. The overwhelming majority of respondents — 70 per cent of whom were not directly involved with grouse shooting in any way — recognised the impact grouse shooting has on the economy of the area, and the social benefits it has in the locality.

The rest of this article appears in 12th August issue of Shooting Times.

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