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Why you should try and see a potential puppy early in the morning (and 10 other gundog puppy must-reads)

Spring is the time of year when our thoughts turn to taking on a youngster

gundog puppies

Getting more than one puppy at once isn't wise

Lighter evenings and milder weather make March, April and May a popular time to take on a new gundog puppy. Our experts have written articles on all aspects of gundog puppies, so browse through and find out what you need to know.

1.How should you start training your puppy to be a gundog? 

Timing is everything with gundog puppies. Create a solid foundation and a strong bond first and training will proceed much more easily. Here’s how to go about it.

2. Gundog puppies and COVID-19 – some guidance 

Here is what you need to know about picking up your puppy and following guidelines, how to get your puppy vaccinated plus details on paperwork and documents.

gundog puppies

Puppies should have limited exercise

3. Why you shouldn’t overexercise a puppy

Puppies might be exuberant and seem to have boundless energy, but you need to be careful not to overexert them and here is why.

black Labrador

Sitting patiently on the peg

4. How to stop a puppy becoming gun-shy

At what age should you introduce a puppy to the sound of gunfire?

puppy with tennis ball

Always see a puppy walking around outside

5. Why is it good to view a potential puppy first thing in the morning? 

Just one of the things you should be aware of when looking at a litter.

more than two puppies at once

Getting more than one puppy at once isn’t wise

6. Why you shouldn’t get more than one gundog puppy at once 

Not just double trouble. It’s really not a good idea and our experts explain the pitfalls.

black Labrador puppy

7. How can I find the right Labrador puppy these days? 

Labs are always a popular choice. Here’s how to find the puppy that will suit you.


8. What’s the best food for a gundog puppy? 

If you want a healthy, well developed dog then you have to get its nutrition right. Vet Neil McIntosh tells you what to do – and why you shouldn’t change your puppy’s diet as soon as you bring it home.

Puppy crate training

Crate training a puppy

9. Crate training your puppy

If your gundog is going to live in the house, then it needs to be house trained and crate training is an excellent way of doing this. Trainer Ellena Swift talks you through the process.

Crate training puppies

A crate gives a puppy a safe place when you are not there, which is useful if there are other dogs in the house

10. Bringing your puppy home for the first time

Everything from taking the puppy back to your house in the car, introducing it to other dogs you have, showing it where to sleep and why some quiet time is essential.