Labradors and spaniels

There are big differences between Labradors and spaniels …

As the shooting season draws to a close it is time for us to reflect on what has gone well with our gundogs, but more importantly what has gone wrong and will need working on during the spring and summer months. For a few of us the search for a new shooting companion will start in earnest and the…

choosing a gundog puppy

How to choose a puppy – a dog has his say

The human’s view So how do you finally choose a puppy from a universally adorable litter? Time was when the accepted wisdom was to look for the adventurous character. Lean into the whelping box and snap the fingers. The pup that was first up and over and investigating was the one for you. Eager,…

cocker spaniel puppy with mother

Why you should never buy a puppy on the internet

A recent press release from the Kennel Club (KC) on the perils of buying dogs on the internet was picked up by most of the newspapers. In case you didn’t see it, I will give a quick précis. According to the KC, almost half the puppies bought online without being seen first fell sick, typically with…

part trained gundog

How to buy a part trained gundog

Jeremy Hunt says: Many people have had their fingers burnt buying a part trained gundog as it’s not uncommon for unscrupulous sellers to offer gundogs that have begun their training but then started to show a fault. It can be difficult to spot where a seemingly keen young labrador is…

Buying a gundog puppy

Shooting UK helps you buy the right gundog with this guide to finding the best adverts, selecting a healthy litter and choosing the best puppy

Are gundogs still affordable?

Are gundogs still affordable?

With the high price of dog food and expensive veterinary bills to pay, the cost of maintaining a gundog could become prohibitive, warns Heidi Sands