part trained gundog

How to buy a part trained gundog

Jeremy Hunt says: Many people have had their fingers burnt buying a part trained gundog as it’s not uncommon for unscrupulous sellers to offer gundogs that have begun their training but then started to show a fault. It can be difficult to spot where a seemingly keen young labrador is…

Buying a gundog puppy

Shooting UK helps you buy the right gundog with this guide to finding the best adverts, selecting a healthy litter and choosing the best puppy

Are gundogs still affordable?

Are gundogs still affordable?

With the high price of dog food and expensive veterinary bills to pay, the cost of maintaining a gundog could become prohibitive, warns Heidi Sands

Buying a dog – the true cost

If you're about to buy a dog, take a moment to consider the wider costs of ownership. Paul Rawlings does some basic sums to provide an idea of what it could cost in both time and money