The United Retriever Club (North Midland Area) held an Open Cold Game Test at Parliament Oak, Nottinghamshire recently.

Four breeds of retriever were represented among the 25 entrants on the day which was run on field trial lines in the warm weather with the test involving walking up stubble turnips, commencing with marked retrieves of pigeons.

Occasional flushes of pheasants and partridges added realism, and game scent confused some of the dogs. There was a wide variation in marking ability and handling. Occasional failures led to successful eyewipes by some of the dogs, and a gradual reduction in the number of competitors going through to the second round.

After lunch the judges called in 10 dogs for the third round, with longer oblique marks and blinds to the side.

Four more were eyewiped, leaving six in the awards. The top places were decided after a further long blind, through a hedge and out onto stubble. Three breeds were represented in the awards, with prizes from the sponsors Alpha Feeds ( presented to the winners.

Thanks to the kind permission of Mr G. Shaw-Browne and the assistance of Mr A. Kinta the day was very successful and enjoyable. The judges were Derrick Capel, Lynda Partridge, Graham Jones, and Cherry Wood.


Mick Newsam?s Labrador dog Hatchfield Breeze of Maswen.

Andy Kinta?s Chesapeake Bay Retriever bitch Lateshift Moon Charisma

Duncan Matthews Golden Retriever dog Tortrix Flash of Dunmar

Certificates of Merit

Steve Crookes? Golden Retriever bitch Pebbletoft Lyric of Moscargrange

Alan Richardson?s Golden Retriever dog Gortons Eye of the Storm

Duncan Matthews? Golden Retriever dog Dunmar Highlander