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Where are all the best dogs being seen? In the Orvis Dog Of The Week gallery in Shooting Times of course …

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Dog of the Week

We’ve heard it said that Crufts is a thing of the past.  Nowadays, real working dog owners strive for their canines to be chosen as a frontispiece in Shooting Times, which sees them featured on the ‘Orvis Dog Of The Week’ page.

However there’s nothing elitist about Dog Of The Week and Shooting Times features dogs that certainly aren’t all pedigree smart. There may be black Labs with a heritage going back to before the last century but the weekly magazine also likes to see faithful mongrels and dogs of uncertain origin. The key thing is that they have to have a comment-worthy CV, plenty of interests and an unwavering commitment to fieldsports.

Some of the canine stars enjoy watching TV dramas after a hard day picking-up while others have managed to eat entire picnics while their owners aren’t looking. While some of the dogs we’ve featured have innumerable field titles under their belts others are content to bolt bunnies from hedgerows.

Many of the dogs have names which show a great deal of creativity on the part of readers … Nala, Quibble, Oakley, Sybil, Buck, Roux and Islay …

Want your dog to feature?

If you’d like your dog to be considered as a Dog Of The Week, please e mail [email protected] . You will need to send a high resolution, colour image of the dog face on in portrait style, not taken from the side. We also accept photographs of dogs who have done their time in the field and gone to the great kennel in the sky – in which case Dog of the Week acts as a well-deserved obituary to a loyal companion.

The standard is high, so take a bit of time choosing and taking a photo. All images are considered, provided they meet the criteria and our judging panel always enjoys going through the photographs received.