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13 reasons why cocker spaniels and springer spaniels are different

Torn between buying a cocker or a springer?

differences between cocker and springer spaniels

Springer spaniels like to roam

cocker spaniel on peg

Cocker spaniels were originally bred for hunting woodcock

Both springer and cocker spaniels are capable of doing a useful day’s work out in the field. Both are biddable. However, they do have different characteristics.

Differences between cocker and springer spaniels

  1. Springers have a size advantage over cocker spaniels
  2. Cocker spaniels have a better engine and more staying power than springers
  3. Cockers are thought to be ‘prettier’ than springer spaniels and come in more colours – solid black, browns and gold to blue and lemon roans.
  4. Springers are heavier. A a typical working cocker will weigh between 13kg and 14.5kg, a springer around 20kg.
  5. Cockers are smaller which gives them the advantage of being more portable in a car or living in a cottage.
  6. However the bigger springer will be able to manage heavy game although a cocker will do its best and some can manage to carry a goose!
  7. A springer is probably a better picking-up dog
  8. But a cocker will be an excellent addition to a field of retrievers
  9. Springers tend to be cheaper than cockers and can be bought for around £300. A cocker spaniel will probably cost £600 plus.
  10. However cockers don’t eat as much as a springer so your food costs will be smaller.
  11. Cockers are more sensitive than springers and need patient training.
  12. Springers have shorter ears set higher on the head than a cocker spaniel and a longer muzzle.
  13. Springer spaniels need more exercise than a cocker spaniel. They love swimming. Springers also like to roam and then check back with their handler.

cocker spaniel waiting

All about the cocker spaniel

Look around the shooting field today and you’d be correct in thinking that the cocker spaniel and the springer spaniel…

If you can’t decide between the two, then go for the perfect blend. A sprocker!