On the peg, out in the fields or on the foreshore, our dogs are both companions we love and vital workers we need to look after, which is why ShootingUK has been working with Thistle Insurance on a bespoke Working Dog version of their Petguard product.
Check out the fantastic offer which is available to dogs of any age.

field spaniels on slip leads

Should healthy dog breeds be cheaper to insure?

Dog insurance might be much simpler if healthy dog breeds attracted lower premiums, much as happens with the difference between insuring a Porsche and a Volkswagen Polo. Healthy dog breeds could be categorised as group one, whilst those attracting higher vet bills would be be, say, group 50. This thought…

Springer spaniels with handler

10 things you need to know about gundog insurance

Some people are advocates of insuring their working dogs and others think it’s a waste of money, preferring to pay out if necessary. The bottom line is that when you buy gundog insurance you’re also buying peace of mind, knowing that you can give your faithful friend the very best…