When's the best and healthiest time for feeding dogs? Our vet advises

Labradors in pickup

Is it best to feed gundogs once or twice a day?

Frequency of feeding dogs is all about personal preference and your dog’s actual food requirements.

I feed dried food mixed with tripe twice a day to all my working dogs because they have a busy schedule and this feeding regime ensures they stay in tip top condition as well as maintaining their energy and nutrition levels.

However, a dog that does little work and gets a minimum amount of exercise will probably only need feeding once daily.

If your dog falls into this category I suggest you have it weighed by a vet and get his recommendation on how much to feed.

All my dogs are walked twice a day to ensure they have regular exercise and given plenty of opportunity to open their bowels.

My puppies, spaniels and Labradors – are all fed three times a day but any adult dog that’s resting after a bout of hard work will only be fed once.

The same goes for those dogs in kennels for light training duties.

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