It's been a harsh winter in many parts of the country. Here's our advice on keeping kenneled dogs comfortable and cosy.

Moving house dogs outside

Q: With the recent addition 
of twin babies into the home 
it is now not practical or sensible 
for my three gundogs to live inside. We have a good-sized barn and were wondering if they would be all right out there day and night until the children are older. Would dog beds and some straw be sufficient?

A: Though your dogs have been 
used to the comforts of the family home they should soon acclimatise 
to life outdoors, even if this time of 
year is not the ideal time to start the acclimatisation process. Most dogs 
that are kept in a social group enjoy 
snuggling up together but others 
prefer to be on their own; you should know what your dogs do at present 
and provide for them accordingly. 
A covered-in box or dog bed just big enough for them to curl up in is much cosier and warmer than an open bed.

keeping dogs warm in kennels in winter

A Vetbed is well worth the investment

Avoid straw

Bedding comes in many forms and because of harbouring vermin, straw should be avoided. A reusable and washable Vetbed is designed to let moisture pass through away from 
a damp dog. It is expensive but well worth the investment and though not indestructible it is very resilient to wear and tear. Bales of shredded paper are probably the best type of loose bedding material. It can be easily disposed of when it gets dirty and does not harbour insects and vermin as straw would.

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Your dogs should be cared for well through the winter. After shooting, when they are likely to be dirty and wet, besides towelling off after washing, a heat lamp is ideal for getting them completely dry. They can then settle down into a well-covered, warm bed 
and come to no harm even on the coldest of winter nights. 

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