Some dog breeds (particularly Labradors) seem to want to eat virtually anything. So knowing how to make your dog vomit if you suspect it's been poisoned can be crucial canine first aid.



Poisoned by mushrooms?

Q: My youthful Labrador permanently has his nose to the ground and hoovers virtually anything edible (and non-edible) in sight. Recently, I caught him sniffing about some mushrooms that had sprung up in my garden. Should I be worried?

A: What a magic question! To cap it all, since I am a fun guy, I will attempt to answer it.

Most mushrooms are not poisonous to dogs. Some, such as the red Amanita muscaria shown here, can produce toxic effects although it is not as dangerous as some think. However the Death Cap, (Amanita phalloides), which is pale yellowish to olive in colour and about 5-15cm across, can be quite deadly. Broadly symptoms fall into a number of categories.

First are the extreme gastrointestinal signs, consistent with over indulgence; vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. They may be joined by the nervous signs of staggering, confusion and coma. And then there is salivation, liver damage, tachycardia, blindness and on and on. So, yes you should be worried.

If you think mushrooms have been ingested, rapidly seek veterinary help for inducing vomiting. Fluid support, activated charcoal and symptomatic treatment can be life-saving.

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