A friend has offered to kennel her next to one of his bitches which has come into season, because he says it will bring mine in as well.

Is there any truth in this?

Jackie Drakeford
This is definitely worth trying as it is one “old kennelman’s tale” that rings true.

Bitches kept in groups tend to cycle concurrently.

This probably stems from the time when domestic dogs broke away from a common wild dog ancestry.

Many wild canines will share suckling duties, with maiden bitches coming into milk and helping feed pups, a behaviour which probably evolved to raise litters when food was too scarce for one bitch to produce enough milk.

Our domestic dogs often still retain the trait of coming on heat if kept close to another on-heat bitch.

They should not be kept in the same kennel, though, as many bitches can be possessive of living space when in season.

This is another attribute that has come down from the wild dog to preserve “ownership” of the birthing den.

Will another bitch coming into heat bring mine on as well?