Keep dogs safe from car collisions

How to keep dogs safe from car collisions

Most dogs love cars. Travelling in the car is usually a precursor to something more exciting, such as going for a walk or perhaps a shooting expedition. I don’t think dogs experience disappointment in the same way that we do, but it’s not difficult to detect a dog’s crestfallen look when it…

microchips for working dogs

Microchips for working dogs

Question: I have heard that working dogs are exempt from compulsory microchipping. Does that mean that I needn’t have had my Labrador, which I work on a number of local shoots, microchipped recently? Veterinary surgeon Tony Buckwell advised: What you have heard is not quite correct. The exemption, under the Microchipping of Dogs…

Lab in a fleece

Keeping your dog safe from ticks and burrs

There’s not much Mary Leigh of Equafleece doesn’t know about keeping a dog healthy and comfortable. She set up Equafleece 16 years ago and it’s quickly become a popular brand with gundog owners. We asked her a few questions. Shooting UK: How can you protect your dog from ticks and…

dog with injured tail

Dog tail docking

What can you do quite legally in England which could cost you a fine of up to £5,000 or even six months in jail if you repeated it in Scotland? Celebrate a famous World Cup win? No. Not wear a kilt to a wedding? Wrong again. The answer is docking…

jumping Labrador

Hip dysplasia in dogs

It’s many years since the dangers of hip dysplasia in dogs were first recognised. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Kennel Club (KC) established their joint Hip Dysplasia Scheme in 1984 in a bid to try to understand the disease better, and to eradicate it from pedigree dogs. The scheme can…

spaniel in brambles

Are dogs really colour-blind?

ONE OF THE extraordinary things about dogs is that they may be able to mark a falling bird 200 yards away, but they will run straight past a dead bird lying in the open without seeing it. It’s a reminder that a dog’s eyesight is very different from our own.…

puppies with mother

Looking after the mother with new puppies

When your bitch has whelped, it’s all too easy to become preoccupied with the puppies. The anxiety associated with an imminent whelping, the stress of having to deal with the whelping process and the care of the newborn puppies can easily focus attention on the puppies and distract attention from…

first aid for gundogs

Would you know how to give first aid to a gundog?

Out in the field dogs can potentially face leg, paw and joint injury, eye injuries, soft tissue wounds and penetration wounds, heat stroke, seizures and cardiovascular problems. To counteract this, the Kennel Club and veterinary specialists, Dick White Referrals are offering a new training course on Saturday 11th July in Suffolk.…

joint care supplements for dogs with Green Lipped Mussel

Natural joint support for hard working gundogs

Gundogs and working dogs are highly active compared to the average pet. Fast paced running and jumping through fields in various weather conditions eventually causes wear and tear on your dog’s joints. This can result in uncomfortable stiffness, reduced mobility and joint pain. Pernamax Canine Tablets Pernamax Canine Tablets are…

spaying gundogs

Advice on spaying gundogs

To spay or not to spay? It’s a question that faces most of us who own or work bitches, and it’s one that I’ve changed my mind on in recent years. I have kept bitches exclusively for more than 30 years — I’ve got nothing against dogs, but in a…

Why dry food is best for gundog nutrition

Why dry food is best for gundog nutrition

By Justin Clarke According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), the UK pet food business is estimated to be worth £2bn each year. Given the amount of cash involved, it will come as no surprise that companies spend large amounts of money in an attempt to gain a higher…

new born puppy

Birthing gundogs

In the concluding part of a two-part series, Tony Price guides breeders through the process of bringing their working bitch’s puppies into the world

Buying a gundog puppy

Shooting UK helps you buy the right gundog with this guide to finding the best adverts, selecting a healthy litter and choosing the best puppy