joint care supplements for dogs with Green Lipped Mussel

Natural joint support for hard working gundogs

Gundogs and working dogs are highly active compared to the average pet. Fast paced running and jumping through fields in various weather conditions eventually causes wear and tear on your dog’s joints. This can result in uncomfortable stiffness, reduced mobility and joint pain. Pernamax Canine Tablets Pernamax Canine Tablets are…

spaying gundogs

Advice on spaying gundogs

To spay or not to spay? It’s a question that faces most of us who own or work bitches, and it’s one that I’ve changed my mind on in recent years. I have kept bitches exclusively for more than 30 years — I’ve got nothing against dogs, but in a…

Why dry food is best for gundog nutrition

Why dry food is best for gundog nutrition

By Justin Clarke According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), the UK pet food business is estimated to be worth £2bn each year. Given the amount of cash involved, it will come as no surprise that companies spend large amounts of money in an attempt to gain a higher…

Buying a gundog puppy

Shooting UK helps you buy the right gundog with this guide to finding the best adverts, selecting a healthy litter and choosing the best puppy

A gundog’s dinner

A gundog’s dinner

Getting your dog’s diet right can reduce the risk of injury and enhance its performance in the field — vet Harvey Carruthers provides a diet plan