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How do you introduce a pup to a gun dog?

We recently visited a rescue centre and took a liking to Oscar, a six-month-old spaniel.

If all goes well we will be picking him up after he has been vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Oscar is very friendly but we are not so sure about how he will react to Bruno, our seven-year-old terrier.

Should we keep Oscar in the house or should we kennel him? It is important to mention my husband is a keen shot.

It is essential the introduction between the gun dogs is done carefully and gradually.

You should monitor both gun dogs when they are together.

Oscar is a young exuberant spaniel and if he wants to bounce and play all over a seven-year-old terrier this could quite easily lead to disaster.

Bruno will not want his space encroached upon and would also probably feel he is not getting the full attention he is used to, leading to jealousy, so don’t leave him out.

If Oscar is to undergo some training for the field it is best he is kennelled at the beginning, away from any possible conflict in and around the home.

If you are undertaking the training yourself, you and Oscar will need to be focused at all times and after each training session he will develop quicker if he is kennelled away from the every day distractions of family life.

This would give him more time to digest the training exercisers he has undergone. Spaniels can play the family pet and the shooting companion role, but the training must come first.

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