The healing power of dogs

The healing power of dogs

By Graham Cox There are countless reasons why we so readily speak of dogs and humans in the same breath. Their special genius at reading our gestures and understanding our communicative intentions makes them so good at being in a partnership with us that there is no end to the…

Tina Hayes and Bramble

Tina Hayes and Bramble

I collected Bramble on July 9, 2011, with every intention of bringing her on as another beating dog. I let her be a puppy for the first six months, doing basic training, enjoying watching her grow etc. In December 2011, I was a first responder to an accident on the…

canine partners

Canine Partners create life-changing partnerships

When it comes to working in harmony with our dogs, we shooters tend to think we have it taped. Granted, there are one or two unruly exceptions, but what we ask of our gundogs on a shoot day is demanding. Whether flushing game, retrieving birds or tracking deer, we rely…

David Latham England gundog team captain

Meet new England gundog team captain David Latham

As a professional handler, trainer, tutor, judge, selector and breeder, David Latham doesn’t have time for those who say the gundog world is a closed shop. The three-time IGL Retriever Championship winner, who will take over the England gundog team captaincy from “hero” John Halstead next year, came up the…

Dogs for deer stalking

Training dogs for deer stalking

By Sam Clarke The British Deer Society (BDS) is at the forefront when it comes to training stalkers and those involved with the deer industry, so when I heard that the society’s south-west England branch was putting on a course called Dogs for Deer, designed to train handlers and their…

Breeding puppies

Tips on breeding puppies from older dogs

When it comes to breeding puppies, an older dog should still be perfectly capable of producing a litter if she has always come into season regularly. Of course, older dogs mated for the first time can sometimes be a little more reluctant to accept a dog, but that very much…

doping gundogs

Why doping to win gundog trials is never worth the risk

Doping has been proven in many animal sports. Greyhounds, horses and coursing dogs have all been (successfully) given performance-enhancing drugs at one time or another. Some of the drugs used are licensed products such as anabolic steroids, hormones, methylxanthines and amphetamines given in an illegal way. Others are illegal drugs,…

Why dry food is best for gundog nutrition

Why dry food is best for gundog nutrition

By Justin Clarke According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), the UK pet food business is estimated to be worth £2bn each year. Given the amount of cash involved, it will come as no surprise that companies spend large amounts of money in an attempt to gain a higher…

Labrador retrieve point-of-view video

Labrador retrieve point-of-view video

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog sees when going for a retrieve, the video above has the answer. Seth Morris mounted a GoPro camera to his yellow labrador and filmed the dog’s point of view when he was playing in the park. The video shows the pet labrador fetching…

new born puppy

Birthing gundogs

In the concluding part of a two-part series, Tony Price guides breeders through the process of bringing their working bitch’s puppies into the world