How do I stop my gun dogs from running ahead?

Gun dogs: When beating, I can’t stop my spaniel running ahead to the front of the wood before working back to the line of beaters. The walking guns love him for pushing game back to them but it’s a fault I want to cure. How do I go about it?…

Retrievers work hard at Eaton

The Clwyd Retriever Club held their annual working tests on consecutive weekends at Eaton estate, Chester, both of which were kindly sponsored by C.S.J. Cannine Foods.

A testing day for URC Lincs

The Lincs Area of the United Retriever Club held an open test and qualifier for the Inter-Area Finals at Grimsthorpe Castle, Bourne by kind permission of The Parker Shoot.

URC Essex Area at Lyons

The Essex Area of the URC held special puppy, novice and veteran tests at Lyons Hall, Great Leighs by kind permission of Mr C. Tritton, and generously sponsored by Masters Dog Food.

How can I improve my dog’s training on unseen retrieves?

My labrador bitch is now 18 months old and I’m intending to pick-up with her this season. My inexperience led me to concentrate too much on marked retrieves in her early raining which has meant that her work on unseen retrieves leaves a lot to be desired.

SEGS turn on the talent

The South Eastern Gundog Society held their recent novice and open working/water tests at Popes Oak Farm, West Grinstead, West Sussex at the kind invitation of Sheila Chessell.

URC North Midlands

The North Midland Area of the United Retriever Club held a successful cold game working test for veteran, intermediate and novice retrievers.

The perfect beater’s dog

Though his style might not have been spectacular, Buzz, a rescued spaniel, was a hard-working and steady dog, giving Sally Moon some great memories of beating

Can you give gun dogs too much encouragement?

I have recently been on a training day with a professional trainer organised by my local gundog club. These days really do show up your shortcomings as an amateur trying to train his first dog. I was pulled up for giving too much encouragement.

Arun & Downland Gun Dog Society

The Arun & Downland Gun Dog Society held a two-day 24 dog open qualifying stake on the Exbury Estate, by kind invitation of Kevin Callan, who has given generous support to this trial for many years.

Cross Channel success for SEGS gun dogs

The South Eastern Gun Dog Society held a novice stake for 12 gun dogs at Knowle Hill Farm, Ulcombe, near Maidstone, Kent by kind permission of Steve King and at the kind invitation of Roger Wade and guns.