How do I stop my gundogs squabbling?

One of my three gundogs is very possessive and is so eager to please that when I throw a ball she will either steal it or stop the other two dogs from retrieving it, leading to squabbling. How can I prevent this?

Only the best up North

The Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club any variety retriever novice stake was held at Bellister, Haltwhistle, by kind permission of Peter Burton and his team of guns.

Should I send my gundog to a pro?

I have been training a young spaniel myself and although it's my first I feel that I have done a good job installing all the basic sit, stay, walk at heel and stopping on the whistle commands.

Retrievers at Checkley

The Cheshire, North Wales and Shropshire Retriever and Spaniel Society held an open a.v. retriever field trial at Checkley, Cheshire, by kind permission of Ivor Beavis.