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Should I send my gundog to a pro?

My problem is I have very little contact with game and limited training facilities. Would you advise that I send him away for training to be finished off or take him for one to one training lessons myself?

Mark Whitehouse says: There is no doubt in my mind that you should take him for training lessons yourself if you have the time.

The advantage of taking your dog for training with a professional is that you also get the chance of some extra schooling at the same time as your dog.

When introducing a young dog to game in a controlled environment it is very complex and unique, and if given the chance to work along side a professional handler this will only improve your ability to overcome problems and be able to control your own dog in the field.

Rabbit and training pens set up lots of different problems, and being on the front line experiencing these will be to your advantage and give you a head start when the season begins.