The judges were D. Probert, John Kahlow and Guy Radford and the event was generously sponsored by Rooke’s Pet Supplies of Spalding.

Three tests were set in the morning, the first being a short walk-up with a shot fired and the splash of a dummy falling unseen into water, then a shot fired in front saluting a mark to be picked first.

Test two was a double mark with the one on the left falling down a valley and the one on the right out in front of the dogs. Heavy rain and long grass made for difficulty in judging the distance of the fall.

Test three was a mark and blind in woodland across boggy ground, the mark saluted with gunshot but the blind left to be retrieved without gunshot.

After lunch a walk-up giving the dogs and handlers a single mark again proved difficult to pick in the long grass and on uneven ground.

The last test was a blind retrieve into woodland to test the dogs’ hunting ability. A run-off was required to decide the placings.

Special thanks to chief steward Peter Bell for setting such good tests, the keeper Derek Hand, and to all the helpers who stood out in very wet conditions and made the day the success it was.

1 Ann Blake with lab.b. Kinderton Black Pepper

2 Peter Bill with lab.d. Creazanbre Gypsy

3 Kent Brooks with lab.d. Kenmillto Jumping Jake    

4 John Kent with lab.b. Cawdenbrigg Fern

CoM Richard King with lab.d. Garronpoint Rye of Lincswolds

CoM Matthew Ager with lab.b. Chatston Harmony of Spinnakeu