The judges were Graham Roberts, Diana Harrison, Thelma Salaman and Phil Askew.

Kevin, as steward of the beat, provided an excellent show of game for the trial on superb ground. Nine gun dogs went forward to the second day.

The quality of the gun dogs and skill of the handlers was such that the judges saw an unusually high total of 10 retrieves from the top eight gun dogs before coming to a final decision.

On the first afternoon Keith Bedford, with Pryanduke Fenmarc Quest, picked a partridge runner on dry stubble in superb style, eye-wiping another competitor.

When the judges reviewed overall performances this just gave him the edge, which he carried forward throughout the second day to win. He collected the Voakes Trophy, qualified for the IGL Retriever Championships and also collected the Bradshot Trophy as Guns’ Choice.

1. Keith Bedford with lab.b. Pryanduke Fenmarc Quest

2. Jayne Coley with lab.b. FTCh Waterford Covey

3. Jamie Bettinson with lab.d. FTCh Levenghyl Peacock

4. Darren Hales with lab.d. Biney Bill

CoM. Martin Bagg with lab.b. Collaroybanks Holly

CoM. Rickey Ross Moloney with lab.d. FTCh Tasco Monk of Mansengreen

CoM. Steve Richardson with lab.d. Braidenvale Pioneer