The judges were Liz Barnes, Claire Wood and Peter Buckle and the tests were again generously sponsored by Skinners Dogfoods.

Special Puppy
1 Fran Robb with fcr b. Bencholka Black Pepper at Meldorfer

2 Moira Robertson with lab.d. Downfarm Garnet

3 Derick Buckland with lab.b. Milfordheath Rose

4 Moira Robertson with lab.d. Downfarm Quartz

CoM Anne Courtier with lab.d. Endacott Ramsay

CoM Bill Parrott with lab.d. Moreteyne Brave

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1 Nikki Yapp with lab.d. Laurinco Red Drake

3 Tricia Adams with gr d. Stoneavenue Arana

CoM Christina Rhodes with lab.d. Stockhamarsh Ivor

CoM Chris Harding with fcr d. Valentine Volturnus