The tests were judged by Louise Bailey, Dave Barnes and Derick Buckland, and were generously sponsored by Skinners dog foods.

1 Mike Waldren with lab.b. Gameflight Naf

2 Chris Marchant with gr.d. Birdsgreen Atomic

3 Sue Chapman with lab.b. Tayfordwoods Bella Colora

4 Terence Hart Dyke with lab.b. Quabrook Tillyrie

CoM Richard Mash with gr.b. Echobrook Fern of Hanechdene

CoM Amanda Minshall with lab.d. Burlington Bert of Belvedere

CoM Helen Burnie with gr.d. Merryway Maximum

1 Peter Buckle with lab.b. Darland Much Marcle Mo

2 Toni Sanders with gr.b. Tarinomagh Tulka

3 Lorne Kentish with lab.d. Dipplelodge Milton

4 Chris Aston with lab.b. Whistlewinds Spark

CoM Chris Aston with lab.b. Waterford Benowa