Steward of the beat, headkeeper Graham Peck, had planned the day perfectly and, with the estate keepers shooting, game came easily to hand.

Some dogs had long runs before a flush and retrieve, and others were into game from the off.

Judges Dennis David and Steve Bates gave each dog and handler every change to do their utmost to impress.

Many thanks go to the Blenheim estate and all the helpers.

Photograph credit: Sandy Pond-Jones

1 Ben Randall with b. Cheweky Housten of Beggarbush

2 Peter Jones with b. Maesydderwen Sarong

3(& Guns’ Choice) Andy Read with b. FTCh Wetlands Holly

4 Anita Jones with b. Wirewolf Aster at Episcopi

CoM Peter Jones with d. Wetlands Abe

CoM J. Campton with b. Trederwen Nant Wechan

CoM J. Mansfield with b. Woldtop Swift

CoM P. Makepeace with b. Trochry Adele

CoM S. Jones with d. Bechlandgame Montysmax of Episcopi