The dogs had a steady supply of game and judges Gordon Bowers and Dave Rayner gave each dog every chance to shine.

The trial ended with a run-off for first place.

Many thanks to the club’s host and keeper Paul Seaton, and to the stops, guns and stewards.

1(& Guns’ Choice) John David Sowerby with b. Kirkstall Amethyst

2 Peter Jones with b. Maesydderwen Skimmer

3 Peter Jones with b. Maesydderwen Sarong

4 Graham Beeton with b. Maesydderwen Sizzle

CoM John Lascelles with b. Timsgarry Hazel

CoM Chris Linney with d. Mallowdale Ken of Winhocklin

CoM Kate Thompson with b. Meadowsedge Crackerjack

CoM Anita Jones with b. Wirewolf Aster at Episcopi

CoM Elizabeth Kennard with b. Fieldvale Fanatic Flyer of Braebeate

CoM Kelly Ward with b. Murrayeden Melody

CoM Richard Grogan with b. Ballincolle Candy