Judges John Crawford and David Sowerby helped every handler find the game.

Many thanks to the hosts, judges, guns, stops and stewards.

1 Steve Morgan with Kingcott Diana

2 Ron Henry with Macgiriaght Dave

3 Nick Gregory with Randalyn Black Skye

CoM T. Skelly with Everton Danny

CoM Alison Cotton with Cundrie Brook Lightning

CoM Kate Thompson with Meadowsedge Marauder

CoM R. Grogan with Wetlands Scorch

CoM Jacqui Ward with Murrayeden Marlin

CoM John Keegan with Satcumo Raven from Geordieland

CoM David Skidmore with Moelfamau Whirlwind

CoM(& Guns’ Choice) A.D. Ward with Spartan Jim