The judges for the day were Andy and David Latham, Mick Newsom and Ken Littlemore.

With a promise of a wet and windy day everyone came prepared for the bad weather and the day seemed to be enjoyed by all.

Puppy – ages up to 12 months
1. Wendy Tombs with Bengalbrook Starbuck of Chemsell

2. James Craven with Marknbrow Snap Dragon

3. Phil Brown with Sardonyx Kenzite

4. Phil Brown with Sparkling Emerald Pearl

CoM Joyce Roberts with Cleynhage East Piecy of Marfli

Puppy – ages 12-15 months
1. Anna Lucciardi with Golden Granite

2. Ricky Roberts with Poppet Girl

1. Simon Elliot with Hilus Widgeon

2. Mick McDermot with Boveycombe Riverboat

3. David Alker with Amy’s Petal

4. Darren Hope with Calderhey Allie

CoM Glenys Caldwell with Kenmilforce Hector