Judges for the day were Barry Taylor, Colin Pelham, Kieran Smith and Martin Brace with Steve King as steward of the beat.

The day consisted of a series of walk-ups through fields of various cover crops. A mixture of partridge and pheasant provided good sport for the guns and also some challenging retrieves for the gun dogs.

Following a short break for refreshments at the end of the second round only five gun dogs remained. They were taken forward for a further walk-up, at the end of which only Gregory Huygens and Rhypyker Flair were left to sit through the final duck drive. After two successful retrieves the judges decided they had seen enough and declared the trial over.

Last year at Knowle Hill, Gregory was the society’s first overseas member to run in a SEGS trial and this year, at the same ground, he became the first to win one. For more news, results and photos visit the SEGS website www.segundogs.co.uk

1 Gregory Huygens and lab.d. Rhypyker Flair