The day started bright and sunny and the weather held fine all day for the competitors.

Most of the tests were set in the Langford Grove woodlands and comprised of marks, blinds, a short walk-up and a steadiness test.

There was a brilliant result at the end of the test when Julian Williams, taking part in his first test, won both the special puppy and the novice with his two dogs.His dog Dissis Timon was also the judges’ choice for the Ron Bendale Trophy.

Special Puppy
1 Julian Williams with lab.d. Mossbury Alder    

2 Fiona Joint with lab.b. Muddymile Hawfinch    

3 Jacqui Crew with gr.d. Calim Peace    

=4 Trevor Souter with gr.d. Souter Zeus    

=4 Jim Collins with lab.d. Brockaghs Bran

1 Julian Williams with lab.d. Dissis Timon  

2(& Best Golden Retriever) Anne Strachan with gr.b. Hanans Pure Gold  

3 Doug Preston with lab.b. Abbygrove Basimah  

4 Mick Elsey with lab.d. Elder Athos