The first test was held at The Great Barn, Howsham by kind permission of the Stephenson and Wardle families.

Phil Smithies, Allan Richardson, Roger Bond and Dave Haycock judged the retrievers, whilst Ian Shepherd judged the spaniels.

The second test was held at Warter Priory, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Healey, and was judged by Arthur Hewer, Malcolm Smith, Gillian Stewart and Dave Thompson.

Junior Handler
1 Elen Wardle with gr. Reggie

2 Sarah Drake with lab. Pippa

3 A.J. Towse with gr. Zarzu

1 Jimmy Gordon with lab. Dot

2 Simon Tucker with lab. Sam

3 John Davies with lab. Bella

1 Keith Eastwood with lab. Jack

2 Malcolm Smith with lab. Duke

3 Derek Coulson with lab. Kyte

1 Malcolm Smith with lab. Digger

2 Andy Curtis with lab. Lucy

3(& Best Golden Retriever) Miriam Fowler with gr. Zarzu

1 Adam Shaw with Alfie

2 Jimmy Gordon with Spike

3 Adam Szefer with Bow

1 A. Coates with lab. Nettle

2 D. Coulson with lab. Kyte

3 J. Walgate with lab. Harry

Warter Priory
1 Russ Hodgen with lab. Kim

2 Margaret Pearce with lab. Webster

3 Anita Beal with lab. Ria

1 Sue Lowe with lab. Kai

2 Russ Hodgen with lab. Lillie

3 Jimmy Gordon with lab. Kylie

Best Golden Retriever Peter Bates with Boycie