The judges for the day were Val Oakley, Mary Jarrod, Alex Badger and Simon Elliot, and Skinners Pet Foods were generous sponsors.

1 Killy Pennel with Kilpen Laird

2 Penni Gregory with Callowhill Lilly

3 Georgina Herrmann with Dealminster Hornet

4 Tom Powell with Quadrey Kestrel

CoM Mike Cox with Cuttlestone Leonardo

CoM Mike Smith with Geldert Sophie

CoM Peter Boxall with Brindlebay Flo

CoM John Cornforth with Otis Sunset Shadow

Minor Puppy

1 Angela Judge with Shuttifield Kinnairdy Joy

2 Gill Wright with Movenne Arrow of Greyhill

3 Richard Edwards with Lord Rye of Knowle

1 Gill Wright with Greyhill Raven

2 Doug Pitcher with Kilpen Domino

3 Kate Smith with Charway Summerrain

4 Angela Judge with Shuttifield Faith

CoM Sheena Price with Dargdaffin Flynn