The judges were Dawn Rose, Doreen Thompson and Wilson Atherton.

1 Anna Wagland with Pebbletoft Primrose

2 Jimmy Gordon with Georgas Gemstone

3 Bill Lambell with Braidenvale Carravagio of Woodsprite

4 Phil Wagland with Pebbletoft Pepper

1 Stan Tweedy with Tweedshot Mango

2 Anna Wagland with Merryway Hazel of Pebbletoft

3 John Meakin with Whitehouse Flyer

4 Gill Jopling with Vermuyden Eleanor

1 Glyn Coupar with Holywear Blackthorn

2 Brian McDonnell with Meadow Fern Goldie

3 Katie Chapman with Farnjo Cocobolo Carys

4 Josh Pharoah with Claravale Wild Rose