With a daily prize win of a £600 dog kennel and run kindly sponsored by Timberbuild, the competitors were on top form.

Glen from Gundogs Direct said: ?The quality of entries was superb and included some of the countries leading gundog trialists and experts. But equally the juniors and novices showed real class.?

These events are part of SGF shows and will be the format for the coming years. The next gun dog event is being held at the Selby Gamefair over the Easter weekend April 10-13th. Prizes worth thousands will be on offer over the four days.

Selby Gamefair organiser, Geoff Clutton, said: ?One of the areas we needed to address was our gun dog section. We are excited this new format is an instant hit – pulling in entries from some of the countries top people. With the Selby Gamefair being held over four days, this means that each day prizes and goods from our sponsors will give our lucky winners up to £750 per day in prizes.?

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