The 12-dog card was judged by Gwen Knox, Mike Knox, Steve Ellis and Ted Fitzjohn.

The field set off promptly to walk a field of beet close to Great Livermere House and had no sooner lined out than the first bird was shot, landing within a hair’s breadth of Mike Knox’s head.

Clearly it was of no use to the left of the line where Mike was situated and so was offered to the other end.

Unfortunately the bird had fallen in high rough and had been totally unseen by the two dogs which were sent and failed.

Half the card was lost on the first round but the six remaining dogs held on until the third round, where the outcome of the trial was decided in a rough, grassy field at the back of some farm buildings.

David Barnes with Birdsgreen Stormbreak over Millgreen

CoM: Roger Benton with Kessgold Furze

Guns’ Choice: Kurt Becksteiner with Bell Octave Apollo

Best Marking Ability: Graham Bird with Scherzando Pisces