The judges saw 118 competitors pass through their tests, making a profit of £640 for the GWCT.

The seven judges on the day were Sue Foote, Karen McCarthy, Colin Pelham, Toni Sanders, Marilyn Squires, Barry Taylor, Ron Taylor.

A great many thanks to Skinner’s for their kind sponsorship and to the many helpers.

1 Moyra Ingham with Jolyon

2 Mary-Jane Opie with Buick

3 Jane McHugh with Polly

4 Elizabeth Ellis with Layla

5 Mary-Jane Opie with Dodge

1 Jenny Parker with Megan

2 Sarah Fleming with Oscar

3 Ron Holmes with Simion

4 Jane McHugh with Crunchie

5 Jane Gould with Warresmere Irish Mist

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1 Anthony Stewart with Lucy

2 James Barnes with Rook

3 Steve Hammond with Tia

4 Kath Friday with Lille

5 Rosemary Mansbridge with Scotney

1 John Taberer with Teak

2 Laura Dearlove with Waterford Ghillie

3 Laura Dearlove with Dove

4 A. Orchard with Bonnie

5 Claire Organ with Ben