Should he go back to the breeder? He’s a lovely puppy apart from this.


Jackie Drakeford
Almost all puppies mouth, but some may bite too hard. This does not mean he is a nasty puppy; it just indicates that he has not yet learned “bite inhibition”.

Dogs need to learn that we humans are delicate, and their teeth should never touch us, but until now your puppy has only had other puppies to bite.

That means he is using the same pressure on you that was fine with the puppies he has played with.

To teach him bite inhibition, keep lots of soft toys to hand, and put one in his mouth whenever he opens it to get hold of you.

Do not roughhouse with him, because it gives the wrong message about how to interact.

Likewise, never smack the face of your biting puppy, because you want him to view your hands as the source of all things good — your objective is to teach him to use his mouth gently and not bite humans.

Puppies do have a need to bite and chew, so make sure he has plenty of safe items to gnaw upon.