The judges were Brian Holmes, David Sidwell and Cherry
Wood, and a supply of pigeons meant the dogs could be tested on cold game. Prizes were kindly sponsored by Alpha.
1 Phil Wagland with gr.b. Pebbletoft Chorus
2 Dave Perry with gr.d. Millrythe Sydney
3 Trefor Richard with lab.d. Hob Hey Hercules
4 Phil Wagland with gr.d. Pebbletoft Rock
1 Russell Hodgen with lab.b. Partridge Flush of
2(& Novice Tankard) Terry Dobson with lab.b. My Bashful Lady
3 Jane Whelan wth lab.b. Lowforge Aurora
4 Russell Hodgen with lab.b. Almondine of Russjancoe
CoM Amanda Minshall with lab.d. Burlington Bert of Belvedere
CoM Richard Hinks with lab.b. Garronpoint Till
CoM Sharon Eadson with lab.b.Riseland Honey Dew