The judges were Janet Allsop, Anne Crookes and Doreen Thompson and prizes were generously sponsored by Alpha dog food.

1 Peter Wadsworth with lab.b. Melanie Jayne

2 Ray Agent with lab.d. Geordie Thistle

3 Karl Sawyer with lab.b. Rastwyke Omega

4 Pam Illingworth with gr b. Libris Nell At Leerambler

CoM June Brocklesby with lab.b. Morskye Martini From Brockslot

CoM Edward Porter with lab.b. Pride of Thorney (owned by Emma Bowes)

1 Peter Bills with lab.d. Swaine Fragula

2(& Novice Handler Shield) Cyril Turner with lab.d. Golden Bry

3 Terry Dobson with lab.b. My Bashful Lady

4 Bel Grundy with lab.d. Warrenbank Dollar

CoM Terry Sparkes with fcr d. Lenyam Martins of Churchwood (owned by Mr & Mrs Manley)

CoM Jane Samson with Ches. b. Jassporth Arcadian Heights