The judges were David Haycock, Peter Bills, Mandy Minshall and Simon Tucker, and the prizes were sponsored by Alpha dog food

1 Sharon Kitson with lab.d. Dykesmarsh Englander

2 Anna Wagland with gr b. Pebbletoft Primrose

3 A. Illingworth with gr b. Libris Kimball at Leerambler

4 Bel Grundy with lab.d. Warrenbank Eagle

Best Young Puppy Neil Stanley with lab.d. Bassington Bracken

1 David Pye with lab.b. Coatesholme Fennel

2(& Novice Handler) Daryl Boldy with lab.b. Ritas Rose of Garrenwell

3 Ian Whittle with lab.b. Swaine Paiju of Peniglen

4 Terry Sparkes with fcr d. Lenyam Martins of Churchwood