After four tests in the morning, and only two failures, there was little to choose between the three competing teams, so after lunch it was time to increase the pressure with a walk up.

With long marks in front and blinds behind, all with gun shot and some interesting heel work, the gaps started to show.

To finish there was a short drive followed by blinds up a steep bank, in which everyone was successful.

The individual winner by one point was Peter Clarke with his Chesapeake Riptide Allspice, with Jackie Winder’s flatcoat Wingthorse Charming Miss at Windstock, a very close second.

The judges were John Fotherby and Cliff Higham and Jane Garner presented the prizes.

The atmosphere was as warm as the weather and the standard of work improves each year. Hopefully next year the curlycoats and Nova Scotia duck tollers will join in this unique event.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
1. Andy Kinta with Lateshift Moon Charisma

2. Peter Clark with Riptide Allspike

3. Doug Barber with Prince of Langstone

4. Mark Greenough with Penrose Quick as a Flash

Flatcoated Retievers
1. Peter Griffin with Eskwinds Black Moss

2. Julie Matthews with Eskmill Nymph

3. Jill Griffin with Eskwinds Admiral

4. Jackie Winder with Wingthorse Charming Miss at Windstock

Irish Water Spaniels
1. David Gresty with Radicott Waterbug

2. Mark Scott with Mollys Lass of Lumley Dene

3. Christine Scott with Jacks Fey of Lumley Dene

4. Ian Probert with Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle

Individual winner Peter Clark with Riptide AllspiceIndividual winner, Peter Clark, with Riptide Allspice.