The judges for the event were Alan Schofield, Philip Wagland, Glyn Coupar and Arthur Hewer.

The Cambrian Trophy for the best looking dog was awarded to Elizabeth Pelham and bitch Holway Breya, and Roy Burns was awarded the Westhyde Merrymaker Trophy for breeding the winner.

1(& Best runner) Judy Rainey with gr.b. Abnalls Rachelle of Deadcraft

2(& Best marker) Kurt Becksteiner with gr.d. Int.FTCh Bell Octave Apollo

3 Jim Gale with gr.b. FTCh Hawthorn Heather

4 Peter Hargreaves with gr.d. Birdsbreen Ash

CoM Andrew Wright with gr.d. Archie Aharlie of Wadesmill

CoM Robert Atkinson with gr.b. Holway Volley

CoM Graham Bird with gr.d. Scherzando Pisces

CoM(& Guns’ Choice) Sally Richardson with gr.d. Birdsgreen Baggins

CoM M. Bruno Julien with gr.d. Int.FTCh Skywalker d’Aspe et Ossau