Judges for the day were Liz Ingram, Sara Gadd, Terry Strowger and Mike Tallamay. The event had 26 dogs entered but on the day there were 24 runners.

The morning was run on field trial lines in as much as dogs came into the line to receive two retrieves in the first round and a single retrieve in the second round and so on.

After lunch the action moved to the river where dogs were asked to retrieve a bird out of water downstream, whilst the second test was the collection of a rabbit from a cut field on the far side of the water.

Vineham Indie delivering to P. Wimmer.

Suffolk Gundog Club novice retrieve

1 Mark Trett with lab. Brindlebay Caesar

2 J. Hughes with lab. Vineham Spice

3 Jim Gale with gr. Earnsfield Kestrel

4 Roger Ketley with lab. Highroost Brooke

CoM P. Wimmer with lab. Vineham Indie