Judging a thoroughly good standard of field trial was a pleasure, adding to which was the fact the weather was excellent, the views beautiful and the company great.

Judged by Terry Bailey and John Cavana on the right and Gaynor Bailey and Anders Carlsson from Sweden on the left, the trial was all walked-up on the fells with cocker spaniels owned by two of the guns working through the reeds, long grass and bracken.

Rabbits and pheasants came well to hand just as required without a single long pause and the shooting was excellent.

Unfortunately three dogs ran in, two on rabbits and one, very surprisingly, on a pheasant, which amazed the handler even more than the judges. Apart from that the standard was extremely good, dogs handling and hunting well.

Five dogs were required for the run-off and after the seventh retrieve the judges announced that the trial was over.They said just how difficult it had been to differentiate between the remaining dogs, with very little between them.

Peter Burton was thanked for his generosity in giving the trial and Trevor Watson for keepering.

Sarah Coomber-Smith was thanked as this was her first trial as field trial secretary and she had made a grand job of it all.

1 Nathan Laffy with Emmanygan Locket

2 Mark Jackson with Claybeck Flush

3 Graham Hartis with Best Boy Trojan

4 Kevin Churnside with Claybeck Beth

CoM Nina Halsted with Otterbridge Eagle (owned by Mrs Finlan)

CoM Bill Lambell with Woodsprite Loki