The judges were John Jones, Terry Dukes, Johnny Morris and Tony Griffiths.

1 Claire Raymond with Levenghyl Torino

2 Bernard Pound with Clifteme Dawn Chorus

3 Lorraine Goodwin with Movenee Hermes

4 David Clayton with Willowwick Liza

Com Kate Pound with Clifteme Dexter

CoM Margaret Owers with Bobbielou Springtime Tia

1 Norman Onens with Nobsquinton India

2 John Gough with Lydart Spring Shower

3 Mike Smith with Geldert Suzanne

4 Tom Powell with Quadrey Kestrel

CoM Gill Wright with Poors Bracken of Greyhill

Wye Valley Veteran winnersAbove: The veteran winners & judges, from left: Tony Griffiths, Johnny Morris, John Jones, Doug Pitcher, Roy Dixon, Veronica Harris, working test secretary Roger Wiggins, Terry Dukes, Anna Jones & Bernard Pound.

1 Doug Pitcher with Kilpen Domino

2 Roy Dixon with Harvest Moon Magic

3 Veronica Harris with Sollershope Amethyst

4 Anna Jones with Adfa Lucy

CoM Bernard Pound with Clifteme Winter Sun