Judged by Terry Bailey and Bill Rostron on the right and Terry Dukes and Gaynor Bailey on the left, this was all walked-up through kale, some very tall, making it a difficult trial for the handlers.

As usual at Checkley, those excellent spaniel handlers, Ron Jones and Keith Dimiler, had their dogs working ahead of the line flushing partridges and pheasants for the guns, who shot well throughout.

After the first round of two retrieves for each dog there were only five handlers left in the stake, but the outstanding dog of the day was undoubtedly Kevin Brady’s Poolover Paddy.

He had a fourth dog eye-wipe and a third dog eye-wipe on a runner, showing everyone exactly how it should be done.

After five retrieves for the remaining dogs the judges were satisfied and declared the trial over.

Keith Bellamy, who does so much for field trialling in providing guns, kindly consented to present the cups and prizes.

1 Kevin Brady with Poolover Paddy

2 Jane Coley with Waterford Dunbar

3 John Elison with Fair Falcon