The sun shone all day and the competitors, helpers and spectators all enjoyed the social atmosphere, which has become the norm for an Usk Valley working test.

The club is indebted to Skinners Dog Food for their continued sponsorship and to host Sir Richard Hanbury-Tennison.

The tests were set by Tyrone ‘Sarge’ Axford and judged by Chris Brain, Frank Wright, Mike Hague, Brain Gregory and Hayden Wilmot.

Usk Valley morning test winners
The morning test winners & judges: Front Row: Chloe James, Harry Bridge, Charlotte Milner and Val Oakley; Middle Row: Vicky Prichard, Paul Hobbs, David Clarke, Lucy Mixture, Debbie Polley and Simon Hagain; Back Row: Hayden Wilmot, Chris Brain, John Mixture, Brain Gregory, Mike Hague and Frank Wright.

1 Val Oakley with Tan-y-Rhallt Sankofa
2 Simon Hagain with Rimrock Magpie
3 D. Polley with Barweston Tumble of Gillhays
4 Lucy Mixture with Tia Mia Tumble
1 Harry Bridge with Teg (My Sweet Gal)
2 Charlotte Milner with Tinkerbell Hollow of Hank Slow
3 Chloe James with Greyhill Pigeon
1 John Mixture with Kaliture Argan
2 Lucy Mixture with Kaliture Ash
1 David Clarke with Grotto Llewellyns Lad
2 Paul Hobbs with Grotto Starlight Abi
3 Di Wiggin with Brockwier Daisy
4 David Clarke with Grotto Kais Rustic Lodge
1 Claire Raymond with Levenghyl Beetle
2 Vicky Prichard with Vamp Thyme Wild
3 Nigel Probert with Penderyn Welsh
4 Norman Onens with Ravensthorpe Izzy