The novice gun dog test was judged by Derick Buckland and Bob Marcham, whilst Pauline Lucas and Mark Lucas judged the novice dog/novice handler and the special puppy tests.

1. Bill Parrott with lab.b. Moreteyne Jay

2. Jane Trowell with lab.b. Chatston Sovereign of Janfran

3. Rosemary Ryder with lab.b. Rydermore Friday’s Child

CoM Pete Mattock with lab.b Almshoebury Echo

CoM Jane Trowell with lab.b. Janfran Pansey

URCThe Bucks Area novice dog/novice handlers: Mick Elsey, judge Mark Lucas, Jenny Hyett, David Reeve, judge Pauline Lucas & Jacqueline Van Poeteren.

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1. Jenny Hyett with lab.d. Willowyck Tornado

2. Jacqueline Van Poeteren with lab.d. Suthcharic George

3. David Reeve with lab.d Hillridge Find

4. Mick Elsey with lab.d. Elder Athos

URCWinners and judges from the special puppy: Bill Parrott, Amanda Minshall, Mark Lucas, Rosemary Ryder, John Boyle, Pauline Lucas & Jane Trowell.

Special Puppy
1. Rosemary Ryder with lab.b. Rydermore Gleam

2. Amanda Minshall with lab.d. Burlington Bert of Belvedere

3. John Boyle with lab.d. Spiraldive Samos

4. Jane Trowell with lab.b. Janfran Madhuri Mable

CoM Bill Parrott with lab.d. Minterburn Mills Monty