Held by kind permission of Mr & Mrs David Hewetson-Brown, this was the first time the club has held a test here and a very successful day it proved to be.

Toni Sanders and Celia Norris judged the special puppy class whilst Kieran Smith, Kelvin Selway and Gay Marshall judged the intermediate and veteran gun dog classes.

Special Puppy
1. Isabel Whitford with lab.b. Henergy Sweet Glory

2. Ian Coulson with lab.b. Horningsham Gillie

3. Jane Manley with lab.b. Quadray Lark of Lenyam

4. Malcolm John with lab.b. Gospelash Tumeric

1. Gillian Yates with lab.b. Swinbrook Jewel

2. Jane Trowell with lab.b. Chatston Sovereign of Janfran

3. Henri Fletcher with lab.d. Woodington Quad

4. Isabel Whitford with lab.b. Southmanor Browne Beauty

CoM Valerie Trim with lab.b. Moonshine Black Satin

The intermediate test winners.The intermediate test winners.

Top Golden Retriever
Lin Hughes with Auro Kauri

1. Pauline Dilliway with lab.d. Hardimans Teal

2. Pam Walton with gr. Danshell Scrumpy of Notlaw

3. Roy Wort with gr. Danshell Manawa of Auro

4. Richard Loader with lab.b. Rissington Sarah of Kittsgate

The veteran test winners.The veteran test winners.