The judges were Robert Daws, Mick Roberts and Sue Lowe.

Twenty four gun dogs began the day with a walk-up in sugar beet with a mixture of marked and blind retrieves to keep the handlers’ concentrating when working their dogs in the cross breeze that was blowing.

After lunch the retrieves were made longer, following which a cut was made to six dogs who were given a drive in the beet, and then one at a time they were called forward for a blind retrieve out of the sugar beet, over a small bank and out into an adjoining stubble field.

Many thanks to all the helpers for making it such a successful day.

1. John Kent with Cawdenbrigg Fern

2. John Kent with Cawdenbrigg Jack

3. Malcolm Peacock with Millcottage Diamond

4. Andrew Coates with Wheldrake Nettle

CoM. Ian Dolby with Barta Rock

CoM. Casper Jonsen with Vortex Tornado at Misticmaker